Hofstra Wins Three Championships At Journeymen Collegiate Classic

Bethlehem, PA — Hofstra picked up three championships and two runners-up at the Journeymen Collegiate Classic Sunday at Freedom High School. Hofstra’s 15 wrestlers posted a combined record of 26-20 at the tournament.

Chase Liardi won a championship in the 133-pound B division and went to a 3-0 mark. Liardi won his Pool A Round Robin matches against Buffalo’s Jake Eckerlee (7-1) and Army’s Daniel Urochuck (6-3) to finish first in the pool. He defeated Pool B winner Evan Mougalian of Penn 5-4 in the championship game.

Jacob Ferreira was the 184-pound A Division champion after winning Pool B with a key decision over Harvard’s Luke Rada (17-4) and a sudden 3-1 win over Penn’s Max Hale. In the championship game, Ferreira pinned Leo Tarantino of Harvard at the 6:36 mark.

Nicholas Mueller was Hofstra’s third champion, winning the 197-pound C division. Miller had Pool B wins over Lock Haven’s Kaleb Snodgrass (Fall, 6:34) and LIU’s John Dusza (Major Dec., 15-6) to advance into the championship game. In the final, Miller defeated Dakota Rodgers of Pitt-Johnstown 9-5.

Eric Shindel finished second in the 157-pound E division and went 2-1 in pool play as the division only had four wrestlers. Trey Rodgers finished second in the 197-pound B division and won Pool B 2-0 before losing the championship game.

Hofstra is back in action next Sunday at the Black Knight Invitational at Army West Point.

Full Hofstra Results from the Journeymen Collegiate Classic:


Pelvis A

Jacob Mond (Hofstra) Tech crash Benny Herrera (Sacred Heart), 19-4 (6:22)

Tristan Mascarenas (Arizona State) wbf. Jacob Mond (Hofstra), 4:02

Jacob Mond (Hofstra) Dec. Austin Zehring (VMI), 5-1

basin B

Bronson Garber (Bloomsburg) Dec. Dylan Acevedo-Swiss (Hofstrasse), 2-0

Dylan Acevedo-Swiss (Hofstra) Major Dec. Cole Meyer (Sacred Heart), 10-0

Trevon Gray (Pitt Johnstown) Dec. Dylan Acevdo-Swiss (Hofstra), 10-5

third place

Trevon Gray (Pitt Johnstown) medical loss Jacob Mond (Hofstrasse)

fifth place

Austin Zehring (VMI) missed out due to injury. Dylan Acevedo-Swiss (Hofstrasse)


Pelvis A

Chase Liardi (Hofstra) Dec. Jake Eckerlee (Buffalo), 7-1

Chase Liardi (Hofstra) Dec. Daniel Urochuck (Army West Point), 6-3

championship game

Chase Liardi (Hofstra) Dec. Evan Mougalian (Penn), 5-4


Pelvis A

Gabe Vidlak (Oklahoma) Major Dec. Alex Turley (Hofstrasse), 11-3

Carter Dibert (Arizona State) Tech crash Alex Turley (Hofstrasse), 16-1 (6:54)

fifth place

Alex Turley (Hofstra) Major Dec. Jake Carlucci, 16-5


Matt Ryan (Buffalo) Dec. Justin Hoyle (Hofstrasse), 8-7

Justin Hoyle (Hofstra) Dec. Tyler Dilley (Lock Haven), 5-2

Joe Cangro (Harvard) Major Dec. Justin Hoyle (Hofstrasse), 12-4

Mark Montgomery (Army West Point) Dec. Justin Hoyle5-2


1-Joe Cangro

2-Tyler Dilley

3 Mark Montgomery

4-Matt Ryan

5-Justin Hoyle


Ray Cmil (VMI) wbf. Mario Biancamano (Hofstra), 1:05

Nick DeMarco (Sacred Heart) wbf. Mario Biancamano (Hofstra), 2:58

Tyler Morris (Army West Point) wbf. Mario Biancamano (Hofstra), 1:41


1-Tyler Morris

2-ray Cmil

3-Nick DeMarco

4-Mario Biancamano


Eric Shindel (Hofstra) Dec. Aaron Munford (Sacred Heart), 4-3

Josh Bonomo (Bloomsburg) Dec. Eric Shindel (Hofstrasse), 6-5

Eric Shindel (Hofstra) wbf. Joey Cyr (Sacred Heart), 6:44


1-Josh Bonomo

2-Eric Shindel

3-Aaron Munford

4-Joey Cyr


Pelvis A

Braxton Lewis (VMI) Dec Brinton Simington (Hofstrasse), 4-2

Brinton Simington (Hofstra) Dec. Trenton Harder (Bloomsburg), 4-1

third place

Brinton Simington (Hofstra) Dec. Joe Metz (Army West Point), 4-3


Pelvis A

Dillon Sheehy (Army West Point) Dec. Ross McFarland (Hofstrasse), 3-2

Ross McFarland (Hofstra) Dec. Michael Kistler (Penn), 9-7

third place

Ross McFarland (Hofstra) Dec. Cael Valencia (Arizona State), 2-0


basin B

Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) major Dec. Luke Rada (Harvard), 17-4

Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) Dec. Max Hale (Penn), 3-1 SV

championship game

Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) wbf. Leo Tarantino (Harvard), 6:36


Pelvis A

Owen Ayotte (Sacred Heart) medical loss Ericson Velasquez (Hofstra), 1:49

Jacob Meissner (Arizona State) medical loss Ericson Velasquez (Hofstrasse)

fifth place

Mike Molina (Sacred Heart) medical loss Ericson Velasquez (Hofstrasse)


basin B

TreyRogers (Hofstra) wbf. Kyle Swartz (Army West Point), 6:59

TreyRogers (Hofstra) Dec. Cole Urbas (Penn), 4-2

championship game

Silas Allred (Nebraska) wins by surrender TreyRogers (Hofstrasse)


basin B

Nicholas Mueller (Hofstra) wbf. Kaleb Snodgrass (Lock Haven), 6:20

Nicholas Mueller (Hofstra) Major Dec. John Dusza (LIU), 15-6

championship game

Nicholas Mueller (Hofstra) Dec. Dakota Rodgers (Pitt Johnstown), 9-5


basin B

Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma) Dec. Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstrasse), 4:0

Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstra) Dec. Tyrie Houghton (NC State), 5-3

Ben Goldin (Penn) Dec. Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstrasse), 4-3

fifth place

Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstra) medical loss Elijah Jones (Lehigh)


Pelvis A

Isaiah Vance (Pitt Johnstown) wbf. Adrian Sans (Hofstra), 0:11

Adrian Sans (Hofstra) Dec. Adrian Palosika (Arizona State), 4-3

third place

Nate Hoaglund (Penn) Dec. Adrian Sans (Hofstrasse), 6-1

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